Here is my reading list originally posted in 2018 and moved here for completeness.

As a technical guy I couldn’t avoid looking for the “theory behind” when playing guitar.

In a course of short time I have obtained a number of books for Kindle, which were both good and surprisingly affordable. If you’re looking for some good books and cannot choose from the hundreds of avaialable ones, hereby is my list:

The Caged System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar: Complete With 1 hour of Audio Examples: Master Blues Guitar

This book gives some fundametal knowledge on understanding the different positions on guitar neck, different scales (yes, boring, but…) and last, but not least, different licks to start plaing blues. Perhaps not a very entertaining reading, but rather a practical guide for learning. Don’t forget to download the free audio samples!

Actuall this book kinda “hooked me” on Joseph Alexander as author, after this one I wanted to read and practice more, so here we go…

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Part One – Rhythm Guitar (Play Blues Guitar Book 1)

So since I was interested in plaing blues, the series of “The Complete GUite to Playing Blues” provided me just with the information I needed.

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Book Two: Lead Guitar Melodic Phrasing (Play Blues Guitar 2)

Still on the reading list.

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Book Three: Beyond Pentatonics (Play Blues Guitar 3)

Still on the reading list.

p.s.Actually there is a bundle of three books, but at the time I was buying it was not available (what, digital “not available”? Well… hmm…).

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar: Master Acoustic Blues Guitar Fingerpicking and Soloing

In order to complete my “musical library”, I have picked this one in order to start mastering different techniques, in this case finterpicking.

Learn Your Fretboard: The Essential Memorization Guide for Guitar

OK, this one is not from Joseph Alexander :), but it has very good reviews. After a couple of month playing I didn’t feel like I really “feel” the fretboard and I wanted to have more insights on what I can do.

Martin Taylor Beyond Chord Melody: Master Jazz Guitar Chord Melody with Virtuoso Martin Taylor MBE

So having all those books by Joseph Alexander I couldn’t resist buying the new one. So while jazz is not high on my list, I think it is worth developing at least some basic feeling and techniques. A book from experienced players and teachers for less than lunch money, are you kidding?

I have obviously focused on general theory and blues since I am interested in playing blues at this moment.


By buying the books listed above from Amazon using the links on this page I will receive a small fee which would support me in posting and sharing additional information.

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