So while learning scales I was always looking for a simple “cheat sheet” that would provide an overview of pentatonic scales in all positions. One that I can print and use at any moment.

Yes, it is “just shift one fret” for every new key, but I was always getting confused going “backwards” – which position should I play?

So after several lookups I came across nice drawings on the Guitar Chords website. I took the Minor pentatonic and the Major pentatonic scales (after all, isn’t this what you should be playing first?) and put them in a handy 1-page overview to print and have at the hand without the need to have my computer around (that is very distracting after all!).

I hope you find them helpful too. I normally print 2 pages on one, but since printing e.g. from a mobile device is not as handy, I just created PDF versions that you can just print as one single page and get the proper layout “out of box”.

Hereby the downloads of the one-page PDF documents:

Enjoy! Remember, practice is the only guarantee for success!

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