It has been quiet a while since last post. I wanted to make another video, but couldn’t find time to sit down and film it until it finally began to rain…

So I just decided to take something easy to play and film myself. And since I do have troubles posing in front of camera, so I need to do it more often :).

This time I took one of the classical pieces on Yousician. I love the melodies I recognize from the past but now able to play on a guitar. This one is not difficult, but there are a couple of places I had to redo like the following piece:

For the rest usual stuff – timing, playing clean, etc. During one of the records a nasty pop-up about unplayed voicemail came up. So long focused exercising!

Recording was done in GarageBand using the “Brit and Clean” amp sim with gain and reverb turned up a bit.

It took more than 20 tries and half-day to record. Every time I start playing in front of camera I start making mistakes due to my mind wandering off the playing part and thinking how people will perceive my bad playing. Something I have to work on.

Have fun!

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