While starting on the Transcribing course on the amazing Justin Guitar website I couldn’t find a handy sample TAB file.

While Justin does provide a blank TAB file, it is only one pager, which is not very handy. I prefer to print four pages, two on one side two on the other side of the actual page creating a smaller A5 “booklet” kinda thing easy to carry, easy to write on and still comfortably spaced to write and read tabs.

Anyway, after some struggles, installing and uninstalling software (working with .PDFs on Windows is a nightmare as many other things as well). Anyway, I have ended up with own version of a .PDF file with four pages filled with TAB lines. If you’re looking for one – feel free to use!

Download PDF with blank TABs ]

Another tip is that writing with a pencil over a printed page (printed with e.g. a laser printer) may be a bit problematic. Some pencils don’t write that nicely (unless you have really soft ones) and the contrast may be not in favor of your writing.

I much prefer using Pilot Frixion pens that allow you to easily erase your scribbles in case you change your mind but write with a contrast of a regular pen. Get yourself one with a fine point and you will enjoy the results!

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