I would like to inspire beginner players to play an instrument regardless of their profession or cultural background my giving an example of going through (almost) zero to a certain level of mastering guitar.

For all my life I dreamed about playing a guitar. My parents supported me in my childhood by providing a personal tutor, but that did not last long and the focus shifted to studies and university. Then I started to work, moved to another country, found another job, married, got two beautiful kids, acquired other hobbies, but the guitar always was attracting me as a beautifully sounding and almost magical instrument.

At some point I have received an acoustic guitar from my (back then to be) wife and I thought it was a new start. About a year later I even acquired an electric guitar (which was much closer to what I was actually dreaming about), but lack of time and patience did not let me make my dream come true.

Years later I came across the TedX video with Tommy Emmanuel which changed my life (for better). And while I totally realise I will never be able to play like Tommy I decided to pursue my dream and enjoy playing the instrument as much as I can.

A couple of things enabled this step for me:

* First of all I decided to make small steps and don’t focus on “playing it all” from the beginning. In other words I decided to enjoy the process, every little step of the journey to mastering a guitar. Some people are faster, some are slower, find your own tempo!

* Second, since I am not a “book learner”, the “raise of the apps” and enormous amount of content on Youtube provided a big choice of the tools which support the learning process and make it much more enjoyable than the “classic way”.

Hereby I would like to share my thoughts and ideas on my journey and I hope I can inspire some new players and give a real world example of what you can achieve with steady progress.

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