My New Year resolution is rather simple: stop acquiring, start playing! 🙂

This year I couldn’t stop myself from buying new stuff. There was a lot of hard work in between and as a “small treat” I was buying myself the gear I happen to want. Not expensive, but… too often. After all you do want that small amp with cool rhythm for practice (and it is relaly cool), but not when you already have the rest.

Anyway, by now the only thing is left is to… practice using all gear that I have already and make good use of that. Buying things second hand (well, you’d be surprised how much it is NOT used after the first owner) saved me a lot, but still did not come for free.

So this year I have drawn a thick line in my spreadsheet and put my “bottom line”: “NO NEW GEAR ANYMORE! IT IS PLAYTIME!”.

Coming time I will post some reviews of my favorite gear. I think having only a couple of things would have been more than enough, but then I spend more time dreaming of all those “other” things instead of actually playing. Well, there is a term for that: GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom), and now I have to fight it. The gear I can dream now about I wouldn’t be able to play properly anyway.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Gear Year to all of you! 🙂 Many happy playing hours and let your dreams come true!

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